The Forensic Register is a software solution which is owned and licensed by the Queensland Police Service (QPS).  It has been developed over 15 years by the QPS to be the most advanced police forensics case and laboratory information management software in use worldwide.

Independent of QPS, Bdna has undertaken work to support several Australian jurisdictions in the use of the Forensic Register under licencing arrangements between QPS and the relevant jurisdiction.
In undertaking work for Australian jurisdictions Bdna has developed capability to support the Forensic Register.  Bdna’s Forensic Product Director is Troy O’Malley, with 30 years of police forensic and forensic systems experience.  Bdna’s vision is to continue to grow this capability.
The Forensic Register was developed to meet the accreditation requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and the Supplementary Requirements for Accreditation in Field of Forensic Sciences.

Police agencies using the Forensic Register can:

Testing laboratories using the Forensic Register can:

The Forensic Register has been instrumental in removing backlogs and delivering world-leading turnaround times in Queensland, averaging less than 48 hours for fingerprints and less than two weeks for DNA results. These initiatives have received State and National Public Sector award recognition.

The Forensic Register integrates seamlessly with several key national and local systems:

IAFS 2021 Sponsor

Bdna is proud of its long history enabling digital transformation in the Australian forensic science community. Our sponsorship of the Australian & New Zealand Forensic Science Society International Symposium and our commitment to sponsor the joint ANZFSS IAFS in 2021, reflects not only our commitment to forensic science but our vision; to enable outcomes which benefit the community.

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