Bdna have worked successfully with many organisations over the years, here are just a few examples of completed projects that we have been involved in. Bdna are heavily involved in a large array of business sectors and continue to offer the highest level of service and delivery. 

London Underground Ltd

Bdna’s consultant delivered improvements within the asset management section of the organisation, focusing on remote condition monitoring, business process improvements and laser CAD mapping. London Underground utilised the MAXIMO product for all rolling stock, track, vehicle, facility and internal furnishing management. Our consultant is experienced in qualitative and quantitative metrics and has provided a summary of metrics below for this organisation:

  • Total cost of ownership of plant
  • Useful lifespan of an escalator
  • Remote condition monitoring and performance expected life extension
  • Estimate time for escalator replacement vs re-conditioning – ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ process maps correlated against time studies

Hutchison 3g UK (Three)

Bdna’s consultant worked with Hutchison 3g (Three) to define, model, track and report on Facility fit out (installation time) performance and Property procurement tracking: estimated vs actual time frames and budgets. Our consultant delivered business process improvements, formal requirements identification and specifications for tendering and software selection.

MetroNet UK

Bdna’s consultant worked with Metronet UK for over 16 months helping to deliver the £7.5 billion modernisation project that included every aspect of facilities and asset management. Core activities included: business process improvement, alignment, organisational change and CRM specifications, software selection, implementation and continuation of remote condition monitoring. Product sets used include: MIMS/Ellipse, Primavera, Build On-line and People Soft.