Public Safety & Law Enforcement

Bdna is an Australian leader in Public Safety IT solutions, delivering outstanding results. We focus on solutions that enable improved response, superior intelligence and greater process efficiency. We have been instrumental in delivering CAD/000, police records management, contact management centres, complaints handling and also design and delivery of the G20 event security. Our proven success record has helped our clients maximise the benefits of their investments in processes and systems.


  • Strategic alignment – positioning IT as an enabler for our clients’ strategic direction
  • Proven experience – Police and Fire experienced staff with the right mix of skills to give our clients the right advice and deliver successfully … every time.
  • Right-fit solutions – we can provide advice on and design the pathways to optimal solution
  • Collaborative partnership – focusing on co-design, working in direct partnership with officers and administration staff at all levels

Police RMS Implementation

Bdna’s ability to deliver large and complex business and system transitions led to Tasmania Police engaging us to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of the NicheRMS™ solution. Bdna are proud to announce that TasPol expect to launch with the new system in October 2019, taking only 14 months since commencement.

  • Bdna delivered the business design, system requirements, systems integration, data migration and management, architecture, release management, testing, and developed a new integrated search application across the new and legacy systems.
  • Bdna also assisted TasPol with delivery management, PMO setup, system configuration, organisational change, training development, reporting, audit capability and implementation management
Tasmania Police have kindly allowed Bdna to share their video to officers, flagging the upcoming launch. An overview case study is also available here and related article on IT News.

G20 Security Operation

Bdna’s capability in large-scale environments and our commitment to deliver were instrumental factors in being asked to contribute to the G20 event in 2014.  Bdna’s director Marty Wauchope helped to deliver the key capabilities, culminating in a highly successful and efficient G20 operation, part of the largest peace time security operation ever undertaken in Australia.

  • Bdna delivered the full specifications for a new Operational Management system for major security events, specifically tailored for G20. Bdna also managed delivery to the specification by the vendor.
  • Bdna paved the way to implement the most advanced social media intelligence (SOCMINT) solution in Australia policing establishments. We produced the functional and non- functional requirements that were successfully used to tender worldwide for the solution.

Police Non-urgent Contact Centre

Bdna were engaged from the start to assist in the delivery of a large integrated multi channel contact centre. Bdna successfully identified and implemented many improvements that resulted in less client call wait time, ability for officer multi-tasking and one time data entry via public facing web sites and police establishments.

Integrated Policing Systems Delivery

Bdna have been instrumental in integrated policing system deliveries in Australia.

Bdna consultants led the business design of a large NicheRMS solution throughout, encompassing all business process redesign, legislative and procedural changes, organisational change management, system design and ultimate business delivery. This was considered one of the state government’s most successful ICT programs of change and business improvement.

  • Bdna have produced the business requirements for market procurements for other state police services
  • Bdna are currently the integration services partner for a large integrated policing system delivery, providing all aspects of business design, NicheRMS system design, integration design and delivery, data migration, testing and implementation guidance.