Emergency Vehicle Priority Health Check

Emergency Vehicle Priority Health Check

Approaching the Problem

With increasing demand and a further extension of EVP-enabled vehicles planned for 2021/2, the QPS (formerly PSBA) urgently required a rapid health-check be conducted on the entire EVP ecosystem to ensure it remained fit-for-purpose and could cope with the increased demand.

Outcome Alignment

Following this rapid engagement, the QPS (formerly PSBA) has been provided with the necessary evidence and a prioritised roadmap for improvements of the EVP system in several areas, the implementation of which will ensure it continues to assist our Queensland emergency response teams in keeping our community safer.

Sustainable Future

Bdna applied our Bdna Analysis Framework to methodically arrive at the desired outcome. This included the rapid delivery of several information gathering workshops, across several stakeholder groups, to understand the current state and develop real world business scenarios that would surface and categorise any gaps. This, together with the review of over 120 documents, allowed for the production of the Current State Analysis Report.

This led into a Final Assurance and Recommendations Report that, with complete traceability back to source, brought together all gaps and proposed remediation recommendations. To round out the report, all recommendations were grouped into manageable packages of work represented and prioritised on a roadmap.

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Queensland Police Service (QPS) – formerly PSBA



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