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What is People & Performance?

Bdna People & Performance is the practice of specialising in people, behaviour, structure and values of an organisation. At bdna this starts with our own culture. The values, beliefs and principles of our organisation contributes to being effective at helping other organisations make the necessary changes to reach success.

Focussing on the interplay between Structure, People, Process and Technology, bdna use a range of tools and techniques to enable our clients to build a culture of high performance, deliver the people potion of ROI, close the gap between requirements and results, increase the likelihood of success and thrive through disruption.

Why does it matter?

Even when technical requirements and milestones are met, a project can still fail to deliver the expected benefits. By proactively leading the people side of change, initiatives are more likely to be successful, targeted business benefits met and a culture of resilience and adaptability can be grown.

Where is it going?

The pace of change has dramatically increased, to a point where change is now constant, and the focus for leaders needs to be not only on being ‘ready’ for the next change, but in nurturing a culture where people are empowered, lines of communication are open and innovation can thrive. This requires all leaders, no matter the industry or discipline to be skilled at building trust, understanding impacts, and how to motivate and empower others. In a world of constant change, don’t manage - lead.

Karyn Smith

Karyn Smith

Director - People & Performance

Karyn is a highly motivated and versatile professional, with international and cross industry experience spanning more than 20 years. Karyn is a strong and dynamic change leader who can motivate, empower and guide large and small teams to perform at a high standard in varying and often challenging environments to deliver sustainable outcomes. Karyn’s capabilities range from strategic analysis, design and planning, performance improvement, project and program change management.

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