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What is Software Engineering?

BdnaTec is Bdna’s engineering division skilled at developing contemporary software using well-defined agile methodologies and processes. The team is highly proficient in developing standards compliant forensic case management software using mobile first / data security principles.

Why does it matter?

Forensic Informatics is essential to modern policing and investigation generally. BdnaTec's team of business analysists, engineers and forensic subject matter experts work closely with law enforcement and forensic laboratories to improve forensic service delivery through accurate timely analysis and the rapid dissemination of forensic results and intelligence. BdnaTec software enables efficient, quality assured workflows that reduced leakage points in the 'end-to-end' forensic process and provides greater opportunity for successful prosecutions and reduction in crime.

Where is it going?

Forensic investigators equipped with body worn computers running BdnaTec software leveraging advanced machine learning to enable automated processes for the rapidly collection and examination of forensic trace evidence, identifying recidivist offenders and/or providing scene-to-scene linkages that reduce, disrupt and prevent crime.

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