Our Team

Image of Ainsley Carroll
Ainsley Carroll
Graduate Consultant
Image of Alejandro Stoute
Alejandro Stoute
Support Engineer
Image of Aleks Baltov
Aleks Baltov
Software Engineer
Image of Amy Linley
Amy Linley
Operations Manager
Image of Andy Nguyen
Andy Nguyen
Technical Business Analyst
Image of Ben Morgan
Ben Morgan
Senior Data Engineer
Image of Ben Saljooghi
Ben Saljooghi
Software Engineer
Image of Bonita Cory
Bonita Cory
Financial Controller
Image of Chris Blackney
Chris Blackney
Executive Consultant
Image of Conor Radel
Conor Radel
Data Engineer
Image of Damian Smith
Damian Smith
Director - Health
Image of David Doble
David Doble
Senior Consultant
Image of Ed Horbino
Ed Horbino
Senior Data Engineer
Image of Eugene Brink
Eugene Brink
Director - Public Safety
Image of Genevieve Paul
Genevieve Paul
Software Engineer
Image of Greg Morrison
Greg Morrison
Principal Consultant
Image of Hannah Bengtsson
Hannah Bengtsson
Communications & Marketing Specialist
Image of Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor
Senior Consultant
Image of Jacinta Mulholland
Jacinta Mulholland
Principal Consultant
Image of Jacob Eldridge
Jacob Eldridge
Technical Business Analyst
Image of Jacob Marks
Jacob Marks
Software Engineer
Image of Janine Collidge
Janine Collidge
Senior Business Analyst
Image of Joe Moroney
Joe Moroney
Software Engineer
Image of Karyn Smith
Karyn Smith
Director - People & Performance
Image of Lucas Wallin
Lucas Wallin
Software Engineer
Image of Marty Wauchope
Marty Wauchope
Image of Michael Smith
Michael Smith
Software Engineer
Image of Mikaela Donovan
Mikaela Donovan
Software Engineer
Image of Nick Cook
Nick Cook
Software Engineer
Image of Patricia Boucher
Patricia Boucher
Senior Consultant
Image of Paul Farry
Paul Farry
Lead Software Engineer
Image of Peter Burton
Peter Burton
Solution Architect
Image of Phillip Haswell
Phillip Haswell
Senior Consultant
Image of Rechelle Cook
Rechelle Cook
Product Manager (Forensic)
Image of Regan Glynn
Regan Glynn
Senior Consultant
Image of Rudolf Schnetler
Rudolf Schnetler
Senior Consultant & Data Scientist
Image of Ryan Sheppard
Ryan Sheppard
Image of Terry Paping
Terry Paping
Senior Software Engineer
Image of Troy O'Malley
Troy O'Malley
Director - Software Engineering
Image of Vanessa Moodley
Vanessa Moodley
Principal Consultant

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