Change Futures

Change Futures

Business Problem

Change Futures is a registered charity and psychology practice that provides accessible mental health services to vulnerable members of the community, as well as supporting the development of upcoming psychologists.

Change Futures needed ICT improvements to facilitate the strategic direction of the organisation, that would improve efficiencies and better support staff. The goal was to integrate and redistribute systems and workflows to support a 200% growth in service delivery to clients, with matching growth in psychologist numbers.

In order to progress, Change Futures asked bdna to recommend changes to their IT systems and processes.

Our Role

Bdna conducted a review of the Change Futures ICT environment providing a list of recommendations to efficiently prepare Change Futures for their expansion.

Bdna then provided the knowledge and expertise to implement the recommendations in a rapid, collaborative and controlled way.


Change Futures have streamlined their referral and reporting processes and systems. Automation of data entry and reports has enabled Change Futures to focus more on service and client outcomes.

The changes have given Change Futures the ability to efficiently train more upcoming psychologists as the organisation continues to grow.

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