System Review, Business Analysis & Design

System Review, Business Analysis & Design

Approaching the Problem

Bdna were engaged to review the data quality in a Tasmanian government department’s key system, to assess its suitability for ongoing growth. Bdna’s most significant finding was that varied processes and system usage were the major contributors to data quality issues.

Bdna’s Business Analysts subsequently took a whole-of-business approach in documenting and aligning current state business processes across most of the business areas in this department, including identifying regional commonalities and differences.

We took an Agile approach to define and produce the deliverables, ensuring the best possible outcomes for the engagement. This created new collaboration across their business areas and regional offices, which has already resulted in an improved understanding and alignment of their business processes. Bdna is proud to have helped this department in their commitment to creating strong, active and inclusive communities.

Outcome Alignment

Bdna held over 60 workshops with client groups to document 73 different business processes. We identified the variances in processes between the different offices across the state. These variations led to a range of issues including inefficiencies and data quality problems that prevented the delivery of consistent reports.

We worked with this government department to provide comprehensive enhancement recommendations. We also shared knowledge with core departmental staff in how to analyse and improve business processes, passing on the skillset to continue to improve their operations.

Sustainable Future

This project was focused on discovery. It highlighted many processes in need of streamlining across the organisation.

Bdna’s approach and recommendations strongly positioned this department to determine their future path concerning upgrading or replacing their key system. Bdna’s work will assist the Tasmanian government department in focusing on what matters most: helping their community.

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